Sunday, March 24, 2013

What I Wore Passion Sunday: Anatomy of a WIWS Post

by Shannon

(Editor's note: Talk about how much we didn't blog last week and how much we definitely won't blog in the next week. Beautiful Basillica pictures here, sappy mom post here, Saint Joseph dinner/my church family is awesome/a cute outfit here. Maybe do some short meditation posts this week? Or picture-only posts this week? Don't talk about how Ryan didn't post at all this week, and definitely don't say he's a loser or something.)


Notes from earlier:
I'm a crier. That means I cry when a toddler plays basketball, Pope Francis kisses a disabled man, wedding guests flash mob Les-Mis style or this man opens a restaurant (I wonder if NPR realized what an awesome pro-life message that story was). I also regularly miss out on some of my favorite hymns during Mass, like today's "All Glory, Laud and Honor," because I'm a blubbering fool.

This morning, as I watched Father process around the church, I thought about how that procession and today's Gospel reading fully immerse priests in such a physical way. Outside of consecrating of the Eucharist and administering the sacraments, a priest's role on Passion Sunday is such a strong example of why women will never be ordained priests. It's not that a woman standing in as Jesus during the palm procession or speaking as the role of Jesus during the Passion reading would merely be unconventional, odd, etc. It just can't be. It literally cannot be. The priest during Mass is as Jesus, the Lamb being lead to the slaughter, and the Lord chose His Son for this role.

I feel so blessed to be Roman Catholic, a faith which has appropriate places for each men and woman, places that are both so different and essential. During Deacon's homily, he asked us each to examine our hearts this week, to make sure we're holding to God's will as we approach Good Friday and Easter. As I prepare our home for Resurrection Sunday this week, I will meditate on my roles as mother and wife, and ask for Our Lady's intercession so I may be a loving example of womanhood to those around me, especially my husband and son.


Segue here, then talk about last week's hair and how bad it was. Tried something new today, drumroll, big reveal...

Michael Voris-inspired hair! Talk here about how I'm mean, but don't care because it's funny yada yada. Say something sarcastic here.

Just kidding, blah, blah, real hair here.

Talk about what I did to fix it since last week, but will people care? Do I mention makeup colors? People seem to care. Talk about how the pixie worked nice and mod for today's getup.

Flower button earrings: Target
Checkered cape: vintage, consignment shop in town
Gold sweater: Old Navy
Tortoiseshell watch: Fossil
Purple wool skirt: H&M, consignment shop in town
Gray textured tights: who knows, do I know? I don't think I know...
Beatle boot: Report, Zappos

Talk about my silly personal fashion rules to always have earring holes filled and necklace/scarf/brooch/etc. accessory on, but this cape is loudloudloud, so no jewelry other than earrings and watch. Try to remember exactly what Cruncher said this morning about my silly fashion rules.

Segue something clever/funny here, and link back to FLAP ladies for more fashion finery.


  1. Love the hair, Shannon! And that checkered cape is so great- I love how it looks w/ the gold sweater. Also, the "I'm a crier" paragraph made me laugh.

  2. Your hair looks great! I liked it last week too, but this definitely works with the mod theme. Capes are so intriguing to me - I like how you paired it with the gold sweater.

  3. Your pixie do' is so cute! And looks perfect for your mod take today. That checkered cape is amazing and your earrings and watch are just right :)

  4. Is it weird that your earrings make me think of Easter candy?! Highly appropriate though! ha! :) I think that cape is like so incredibly the most nursing friendly article of clothing (outwear?) that I have EVER seen...and a friend just let me borrow and official nursing shirt, but I think your cape still wins!!!

    1. Yes, that cape will definitely become my nursing buddy next time around. Check some vintage shops. There are usually three or four floating around.

  5. Great post! That Les Mis flash mob video was awesome--lots of talented guests at that wedding!

    You look cute, as always. I love the cape!

  6. I have always been a huge fan of black and white with yellow. Your bold pattern is just fantastic!