Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Five Favorites II

by Shannon

Linking up with Lovely Lady Hallie Lord for Five Favorites, the easiest linkup on The Internets.

I love...


...this video. It's always refreshing to see a news piece about the Church that not only contains zero negativity but also puts Her in such a positive light. I'm not usually an Internet-video watcher, but this one gets the Shannon Official Seal of Approval (not to be confused with the Shannon Unofficial Seal of Approval).


Source: Burt's Bees website

We go through numerous tubes of this stuff each year (some of which meet an untimely death due to natural elements, like a hot car or washing machine). I have convinced pretty much everyone I know  to use this stuff. It has that nice medical tingle like Blistex without that pesky true-addiction risk. It never ever EVER goes on sale, so I buy the multi-packs. 


...this church. 

St. Louis Bertrand here in Louisville is probably the most beautiful church we have, and there is quite a bit of competition (there are 111 parishes in our archdiocese!). Not only is St. Louie a beautiful place to pray, but also the church is home to Dominican friars and multiple priests. These priests are among the best homilists I've ever witnessed, and the confessional line moves reeeeeally fast. 


...Annie's hair.

Source: Daily Makeover

She's been my hairspiration for months, but her Golden Globes hair is the best yet. Today I have a happy haircut scheduled. I can usually tell I have an appointment coming by looking in the mirror instead of my planner.


...Pope Alarm! I'm checking my e-mail like car-raaaay-zeee. (Ryan and I don't text.)


  1. Wow. That church is stunning! What a shade of blue! I love it.

    1. It is the best shade of blue, with just a touch of green.

  2. Love the pictures of the church. Maybe I will have to take a roadtrip to there sometime.

    1. We don't have any basilicas, but I think St. Louis Bertrand stands up against many of them.