Thursday, March 7, 2013

Five Favorites

by Shannon

I love...


... this link up! Sooo easy and simple. Thanks, Hallie!


... this post from Apartment Therapy on Tuesday. It makes me want to actually finish the kitchen upgrades we started years ago. We're in style! We've got the butcherblock counter, the open cabinetry and the subway tile. The rest of the cabinets need painted (green on bottom, white on top), and we need to install the new hardware that's no longer new because it's been sitting in a box for three years. 


... Cruncher's new Easter outfit, which I bought a full month early!

And the children's consignment shop where I found it. I will be returning. Monthly. 


... sushi! Ryan and I have been abstaining from meat on Wednesdays, so we went out for sushi last evening. Doesn't much feel like a sacrifice, now does it? Oh, but it was sooooo gooooood...


... the Way of the Cross book I ordered for Cruncher, and the very patient bookstore owner and parishioner who helped me find it!

Go visit the rest of the ladies who are appreciating the small things!


  1. Oh my goodness - your kitchen sounds gorgeous. I hope you'll take us all on a blog tour one day soon!

    Thanks for joining in! :)

    1. One of these days ... and thanks for hosting!

  2. That looks like a wonderful book.

    1. We're really excited about it. Too bad Jesus looks like a hipster. I would have preferred a different hairdo, but the meditations are awesome for a little one ... or an adult, really.