Sunday, March 31, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Resurrection Sunday Alone

by Shannon

"Oh, the sweet joy this sentence gives: 
I know that my Redeemer lives!"
~"I Know That My Redeemer Lives"

I didn't intend on posting an Easter review until later in the week, but I have bad news — Cruncher is sick. He's had it coming out of both ends for three days (sorry for the TMI). He's pretty miserable, and we're having a tough time getting him to take in liquids. Stubborn little fella — I wonder whyyyy? This is the third-THIRD-third Resurrection Sunday he has been too sick for Mass. He usually only gets a stomach bug once a year, so hitting the same holiday three times is quite the feat.

Since Ryan is napping (tired from a three-hour vigil Mass, having a brave overnight guest to entertain, and getting up in the night to help a sick boy), and Cruncher is chilling in bed, I have time I didn't know I had today. No cooking a big meal. No traveling around town to visit friends. No having dessert guests over this evening. Too bad I have a big, beautiful cake and no one to share it with.... Aaaaand I'm a Debbie Downer on the most sacred day of the year. Sigh ... sorry.

Ho hum. Here's what I wore this morning to Mass, all alone, while worrying about my sweet little boy.

What I wore: walking into church; during Mass; after I got home; closeup on the veil; closeup on the shoes; and for the rest of the day.

Mass outfit deets:
Eternity veil: Liturgical Time (I feel a little odd posting pictures of me in a veil, but I thought I'd share since it was my Easter gift. The shop was amazing to deal with, her blog is just lovely, and I imagine they've gotten very popular since Jennifer Fulwiler's post a few weeks ago. I was excited to read Jen's post because I had been admiring a lady at church's eternity veil, and could never seem to catch her after Mass to ask where she found it. And I ordered mine before the price increase — woohoo! I had no idea I was getting luxury bridal lace. What can I say? I have good taste.)
Love knot earrings: Victoria Townsend, Macy's
Houndstooth spring coat: Beaubois, Goodwill
Faux wrap dress: Evan Picone, consignment shop in town
Tortoiseshell watch: Fossil
Everyone's favorite oxford shoes: Gianni Bini, Dillards

Mom uniform deets: 
Miraculous Medal: Tonini's (Wanted to wear it to Mass, but was in such a hurry between breakfast, getting ready, and Cruncher being clingy.)
Elegant sack top: Dalia Collection, TJ Maxx
Skinnies: Old Navy
First sandals of spring!!: Not sure. The brand has long worn off. Maybe Report?

Can you tell I'm an anxious mess in those photos? I'm pretty good at faking normalcy. I'll bet my mama can tell.

And now for a slew of pictures for my mama.

This year, I naturally dyed our eggs. My friend Gwenny taught me about red eggs last year, and I used food coloring then. I'm leery of toxins in food coloring, though, so I tried naturally dying from Spanish onion skins this year. I was able to snag a bag of onion skins from Meijer for free, since they just toss them. It was really easy to dye the eggs (lots of time, but not much effort), and I think they look better than last year's. The wreath around the eggs was part of our Lenten decorations, as a crown of thorns, reused for Eastertide as a nest. Sorry no other pictures of our big breakfast. I was too distracted. We had potato latkes with goat cheese, pepper bacon and mustard; baked oatmeal with maple syrup; fruit salad; and local coffee. Luke had Jello, Gatorade and toast.
1. Preach it, sister. This year, I went with Easter lilies, for obvious reasons, and
red tulips, because they reminded me of His Precious Blood. The little nests
were on clearance at Target last year, and I made the runner from some sale
upholstery fabric at Hobby Lobby, running me $6.
For the last three Easters, I have bought a new piece of art for our home. This year, I bought a vintage linen tea towel of the Cathedral and Abbey Church of Saint Alban. Unfortunately, the building is not home to Catholic worship, as it's now under the Church of England, but St. Alban is buried beneath. Between the linen, the fabric backing and the frame, I put it together for about $25. Oh, and I got lucky this year and found the Lindt lambs before they sold out. Too. Cute.

The rest of the goodies: books, books and more books; lion and lamb; spring puzzles and a Stow & Go — genius!; and a St. Luke figurine. We gave our overnight guest Robert The Seven Story Mountain and a book of short readings by Matthew Kelly. I was really excited to find a book on St. Francis of Assisi by Chesterton for Ryan, as well as Not Your Average Joe.
The loot in the hidden eggs: St. Francis coin; Sacred Heart of Jesus coin;
rosewood finger rosary; and St. Michael figurine. 
Peek-a-boo egg, hidden-in-plain-sight egg, bookworm egg and sleepyhead egg.
What Cruncher would have worn today. He's pretty opinionated about his clothes, so the last Easter he got sick, we all joked it was because he hated his outfit (because he really did hate it). This year, that's not the case. Oh, well. He'll wear it next week. 
What he wore instead. Or at least one of four outfits so far today, since he keeps getting them ... erm ... messy. Here he is looking for his eggs.
And here he is in outfit two, dueling with Robert. One minute, Cruncher is bouncing off the walls, and the next minute, he's groaning in pain. Such the boy. 

I feel HORRIBLE that I didn't think to get a picture of my handsome husband before he left the house last night. Like I said, he's sleeping, or I'd totally make him put on his outfit for a quick staged photo. I'm that kind of wife.

Linkin' up with Fine Linen and Purple tomorrow and Grace at Camp Patton today. Now I'll continue sitting in Chruncher's beanbag and asking him, "How do you feel?" every five minutes.


  1. If envy wasn't such a big no-no today, I would exclaim over the amazingly amazingness of those Easter baskets.

    And you look very nice, but you look very nice every week. :-) But HOLY HANNAH can you pack an Easter basket!

  2. I love, love, love your photos and all of your creative ideas. The close-up of the lily is exquisite. Thanks so much for sharing our little shop in your blog post and for your kind words. We are so grateful.
    Happy Easter! He is Risen!!

  3. I love your veil!! It looks lovely on you, as does the dress.

    I also love how you filled those eggs with holy cards and small religious objects. I am going to store your ideas away and copy them completely for my granddaughters next Easter!

  4. You look beautiful! I love your dress.

  5. What great loot, what delish fare, what awesome pictures! I knew I'd find a good dress over here too ;-)

  6. Hope your boy feels better soon!

    Those eggs look awesome! I assume you must need A LOT of red onion skins to get that shade..right? I need to try that for next year.

    1. The recipe calls for skins of a dozen onions, but I was able to fill half a plastic produce bag with skins right out of a bin at the grocer. And make sure you use yellow onion skins. Funnily enough, red skins won't make red eggs.

  7. Poor Cruncher! Hope he feels better :)

    You look AWESOME - that dress is perfect and the veil is so gorgeous!

  8. I hope your boy feels better soon! It is almost harder to concentrate during Mass when they aren't with you than when they are!

  9. Wow. There are so many comments I can make to this one! I'm not sure how I should do this because it would be a monster of a comment if I do comment. Maybe I will be able to talk to you this evening and tell you all that I think about it. So then, I think I'll sum it up to: This blog is great and I enjoyed every bit of it. Happy Easter to you and your family, sis.

  10. Your clothes are always so fun and even your home is so stylish! I hope your little boy gets better fast!!

  11. I so adore your sense of style! The coat, the dress and the fabulous mix of patterns. The veil is stunning as well. Happy, Happy Easter my friend!!

  12. Shannon, wow wow wow. The outfit, the food, the decorations, the antlers on the wall. I'm very impressed.

    So sorry your Cruncher is sick. I hope he's recovering now!

  13. Awesome dress! Poor Cruncher. Is he feeling better by now?

    1. Thanks, Alice!

      He seems to be on the up and up. We didn't have to go to the children's hospital for fluids, after all, and the doctor said we can stop the anti-nausea meds after this next dose. It got pretty scary, but we think he's in the clear. Praise God!

    2. Oh, poor kiddo, and poor you! That's so scary. He'll be in my prayers!

  14. I am so sorry that your boy was ill (again) for Easter! It looks like you still managed to pull together some Easter joy for your family and your houseguest. You looked beautiful; I am drooling over that Houndstooth jacket! I hope your little man is now fully recovered. This year's brand of stomach virus was *nasty*!

  15. Finally getting to comment on your post! The Easter decor- wowza. It's all so beautiful and organized. I esp. love the nests for the eggs! Genius.
    I love the brightness & style of your dress. And the shoes are so cute- I think I saw another linker-upper w/ similar ones. Love 'em.
    I hope your little guy is feeling better. Sickness during holidays is no fun.:(

  16. Your outfit looks so vintage chic! I love the heels and the dress.

  17. Everything about this post makes me smile. You look wonderful and serene in your veil. And your entire celebration is right up my alley. All the things.

    Thanks so much for linking up!