Friday, March 22, 2013

Eating Everything

by Shannon

"O God, come to my assistance. 
Lord, make haste to help me."
~Psalm 96:2

On Tuesday, Ryan and I enjoyed an evening at church for Vespers and a dinner in honor of Saint Joseph's feast day. (Thanks to Paul and Caitlin for watching The Crunchmeister!)

Father had a lovely homily, and here's a bit: The Lord has entrusted in all of us a task: be it priest, religious, husband, wife, father, mother. Pray that, through Saint Joseph's intercession, we care for our vocation and those entrusted to each of us. 

The dinner that followed is an annual thing put on my our parish's youth. It. Was. Fantastic. Wine (not from a box!); hot baked bread; tossed salad with parmesan, tomatoes, cucumber and a vinaigrette; a choice of spaghetti with meatballs, linguini with sausage and peppers, grilled chicken fettuccine alfredo, or baked ziti with meatballs; and tons of desserts. I got the ziti and cheese cake, and Ryan got everything, since it was a feast day and all. 

With Julia and Michael seated to our left and Rob and Ally seated to our right, we were in for a fantastic evening away from the kiddo. 

We have a large parish, and there are lots of people in different age groups, which made it really easy for us to make friends. It's a great place to be in our city and archdiocese.

The only picture I got of Ryan,
and I treasure the side-eye Julia is giving him.

Say it with me: But Shannon — WHAT ... DID ... YOU ... WEAR?!

Sorry 'bout the bad photography.
I don't normally take picture in the house after dark.

Stripey zipper sweater: Banana Republic, flea market
Love knot earrings: Victoria Townsend, Macy's 
Gold locket: heirloom
Tortoise-shell watch: Fossil
Needlepoint bag: Vintage, antique mall in town
Denim A-line skirt: Style&Co, Macy's
Gray cable-knit tights: probably TJ Maxx
Navy socks: who cares
Stompin' boots: Anne Klein, Zappos

Well, I sure look tired. I should have taken the pictures in the morning before work. I'm posting that horrible picture to show that my hair might actually be under control a little better since Sunday. I parted the other way. Who knew?

I luuuuurve the zipper on that sweater. Can't tell in the picture, but there's a little brown leather piping on the sides of the zipper, to tie in with the boots. That $6 flea-market find was screaming my name from across the building. 

Beautiful, right? I'm vice president of the Old Lady Handbags Club. 

Now off to spend some time with my beloved sister, Kelsey. We have plans for crafting, antiquing, consignment shopping, and etc. etc. etc. My favorite kind of weekend.  : )


  1. Oooh, cute outfit!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Shannon, I love your look here with the stripes and red lip. I don't think you looked tired.