Monday, March 18, 2013

Cruncher Chronicles: A Love Note

by Shannon

He disagrees with me. "Mama, I will cuddle with you forever."

He doesn't believe that, one day, he won't want me to hold him, even though I carried him inside of me. He won't want me to read him a story, even though I use awesome accents. He won't want me to hold his hand, which has gone from holding one of my fingers to grasping my entire hand. He might even roll his eyes when I tell him he's a hard worker, creative thinker and a smart boy, and Daddy and I love him sooo much.

So, for now, shhhhh...

We'll cuddle-pray when Daddy's not home.

Because it won't always be like this.


  1. You had to have cried when you wrote this. I'm almost in tears myself. And then I have to think about my own baby. This will happen to me too. Yep, here's the tears. Boys may not cuddle forever, but they'll always love you forever.

  2. I've read this everyday since you posted. It's bittersweet and joyful at once to consider our son growing into a man. It will happen too soo, but I also can't wait to know him as a man.