Thursday, July 4, 2013

D.C. Vier

by Shannon

So, really, I'm not blogging. I'm just watching October Baby, Cruncher is watching the four separate amateur firework displays out the front window since it's too noisy to sleep, and Ryan's over at a friend's house drankin' some biers. While I'm completely distracted by the film, I'll load these pictures in and give them crap captions. What better way to celebrate independence than with pictures of our visit to the nation's capitol? I totally waited weeks to post these pictures FOR THAT VERY REASON. Promise.

Clockwise from top left: On the Metro (no injuries sustained), some building,
one of our destinations by foot (Cap Hill), walkin' with Daddy, and posin' suave.
We got there! It was quite a walk. And Cruncher is quite the trooper.
Very few people will understand this photo. I wish I didn't. 
Air and Space museum. Top left is the docent we evaded. 
Things that fly.
By Cruncher.

Then we went to the National Zoo again, where I took amazing photos.
Or not. These pictures were on display at the Natural History museum.
You can see the florescent lights reflecting off the prints. 
Daddy shows Cruncher how it's done.
Dinosaurs and fossils and stuff.
Water in tow. Obama needs to do something about the grass. Sheesh.
Treasury, White House (where he kept all the good grass for himself),
and the beautiful Eisenhower Executive Office Building

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