Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cruncher Chronicles: The Dragon and the Superheroes

by Cruncher

once a fire dragon ruled the world. but ironman saved the day. and he said, "Tony! I forgot to blog your post."

"yeah, but this suit that I made had, like, bad news because he said 'I ... I ... can defeat that dragon and I can pick him up.'"

but the hulk helped him. and wolverine helped him. and then they defeated the dragon. but. he defensed him and he got the hang of it.

the apostrophe was trapped in a villain. dragons that were really evil. but he was a fire-breathing dragon, and he's trying to be in disguise, and then only ironman and hulk was trying to get the dragon. and then they got it. and then he got the people that got the dragon got back to the dragon, and then, this is still not the end.

and he forgot to get his armor on. his special armor, and then he almost got killed, but the hulk saved the day. and then he was looking at the hulk and he said, "you're a good superhero. I wish I had you around. but you still don't need to get me. because you could get somebody else on your own with the other dragons. and then you can rule the world, but not this place."

and then he got a nerf gun and shooted him. PEW! PEW! PEW! and then he had a lot of guns and a cannonball. because he had to get that dragon because one of his superheroes was in it and then the dragon got the superhero and got him out of the dragon. and then the dragon got some soup that he ate, but he still didn't eat it all.

and this is still not the end. still. it's gonna be a long time before this ends.

and then. and then. there's a nerf gun that's here like this. *shoots nerf gun* and then he got back wolverine and then wolverine was trying to get a dragoncat. and then soon he's gonna get a horse by defending his self and his army. and then he had to defend all the droids that were really bad.

and then he haded to do graduation and then he was all done with school and then he got to be a superhero. but. he still didn't have luck because he got the powerful guy in the world and his dark lord.

i know i made up this story, but not the characters. except dark lord.

and then Tony said, "can I please see you on Facebook? soon?" but his horse was really just tired so he got the horse back into the cage and he got to get his own space, but he didn't do it all. he did it by himself. so he got some water and then he turned into a real superhero. and then he got to be a superhero again.



  1. No offense Sword or Stein, but this is the best blog written on here! Go Cruncher!!