Tuesday, July 23, 2013

D.C. Phone Home

by Shannon

We left off in Morgantown. A junior brewer at Morgantown Brewing Company had given us a coffee shop recommendation for the next morning, but we discovered the entire downtown is paid parking. We had no coins, and the coin machines weren't working, so Ryan ended up driving around the block a few times so I could go in and grab us some emergency latt├ęs. The third hotel probably had the nicest rooms out of all three of our stays, but (again!) there was no breakfast included with our stay. Coffee is a must.

Hanging out in the last hotel lobby as Daddy packed the car.

So, we made our way to Charleston, West Virginia. What a lovely place! We had lunch at Pies & Pints, which was absolutely fantastic. Probably top-three pizzas we've ever had.

We walked around their quaint little downtown, enjoying the sights.

DOH! Department of Homer

Before the final trek home, we stopped off at our final destination — Ryan and my alma mater.

Morehead State University, Founded 1887

Ryan and I thought we'd best show Cruncher where his parents fell in love before he gets too angsty and cool to care.

The infamous gargoyle pose, with Cruncher standing in for Paul.

Oh, we actually started out at the Old School House Antique Mall in Farmers, Kentucky, before we headed down the highway to Morehead. Ryan and I spent many Saturday afternoons there back in our courtin' days. While we were there, I picked up Amy's early birthday gift — a vintage purse. Ryan actually found it (he's well-trained). They also had a BEEAAUUTIFUL Our Lady cameo, and I very much regret not making it my own.

Engagement-photo pose reenacted nine years later, shot by Cruncher.

We ate at our favorite Italian restaurant ever, Melini Cucina, where Ryan and I ordered our standard — fettucini alfredo. And then we were fat, happy and ready to go home. (For more Morehead pictures, click here.)

G'bye, Morehead!

And our creepy little guy slept with his eyes open, per usual.

That there ends our D.C. trip recap. It only took me about five weeks to post all six days. Thanks to Jen for the inspiration to write every day this week so I can try and catch up our readers on the summer happenins.

Tomorrow: Cruncher's 6th birthday!!

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  1. LOVE the photo of you and your husband! So cute!