Tuesday, July 2, 2013

D.C. Trois

by Shannon

Day 3. We'd recovered from Day 2's disasters. I again would be schmoozing and gabbing and learning and eating, and the guys went to the National Zoo. Just so happened that the zoo was in walking distance of our fancy-schmancy conference hotel, plus it's free, so that worked out nicely.

Cruncher is still talking about the panda, but Ryan said he wasn't too friendly. 
This guy wanted to make friends, though. Ryan said the otters looked like rats, but were still oddly cute.
Other dudes. Bottom right: The bird is perched on his sign.
Where they ate lunch. Some random "Irish" pub. It was somewhat north of good food.
Riding the Metro to our second hotel.

Actually, before the zoo excursion that morning, Ryan loaded the car and drove up to our second hotel in Rockville, Maryland. Then the two of them rode the Metro back to the zoo so we could all ride on the Metro after the conference closed. We didn't want to drive in D.C. during rush-hour traffic and figured this was a good solution.

We arrived at our second hotel at around 6 p.m., checked in, and grabbed our keys. Ryan went to unload our stuff, and Cruncher and I headed up to the room to settle in ... where I opened the door to a trashed and inhabited room with soft music playing and clothes all over the floor. Yeah. The front desk clerks were floored when I told them what happened, and by the time we checked out Thursday, management still hadn't figured out what went wrong. The manager apologized and let me know next time we're in D.C., he'll take care of our stay. Not quite sure what that means, but I don't see us coming back soon.

Three days left in Family Trip Review 2013!

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