Friday, June 22, 2012

Pope-pourri No. 1

by Ryan

A sword-oriented collection of thoughts and links from the past week. Perhaps my next "Pope-pourri" will reap some lighter material.


If you haven't already read this elsewhere, Leah Libresco, who is apparently a well known Atheist blogger, has decided to convert to Catholicism (Unequally Yoked). (I'd never heard of her before this, honestly.) Libresco spent much time over the last few years arguing with Catholics coming to her blog. A fascinating change of heart and a brave move on her part.


One of my personal favorites, Archbishop Charles Chaput, delivered a speech to kick off the "Fortnight for Freedom," which starts this evening (First Things). Though the archbishop spends time addressing religious liberty, he also implores the faithful to look inside our parishes for renewal:
"From the cross at San Damiano, Jesus said to Francis: Repair my house, which is falling into ruin. Those same words fill this room tonight. How we respond is up to us."

How about this for a new Independence Day tradition: Read aloud the Declaration of Independence! (National Catholic Register: Simcha Fisher) I can't think of anything more appropriate, except blowin' junk up and drinking crappy, watered down beer. Oh, and grillin' out. And blowin' more stuff up. And watching some John Wayne ... maybe that's just me.


Are there any possible drawbacks to free birth control, you might ask? (Creative Minority Report) Read this scenario and tell me what you think.


With regards to reason, are religion and science on an equal footing? Fr. Longenecker explains (Standing on My Head).

Saint Meinrad Archabbey, St. Meinrad, Indiana

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