Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cruncher Chronicles: Beautiful Boy

by Shannon

Can you believe this is our soon-to-be 5-year-old?

I was letting him play a game on PBS Kids' site yesterday, learning to use the mouse for the first time, and I notice how mature he looked. I can envision him as a young adult just by looking at this picture, which is exciting and altogether frightening. Of course, you wouldn't have seen a mature child this evening when he was crying a fit because I wouldn't let him play that game again since he didn't eat a good dinner.

Today, we met Meemaw midway between our respective homes, and we spent some time in a quaint little town that we both neglect to visit as much as we could. We had a lovely afternoon together, and I got some nice shots of Meemaw and her eldest grandson.

Please excuse me having a little fun in Picasa. It's a great photo-editing and collage program you should check out. I normally don't like editing photos in unnatural ways, but the sketch option made the architecture and textures really pop (click to enlarge). In the top right photo, they're in a little shop's basement, made up to look like a forest. Thanks for spending the afternoon with us, Meemaw — love you!


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  2. Thanks, Drina! It's just a little photo magic. I always recrop and adjust settings once they're on the computer.

    (Realized I posted as Ryan, so I had to delete and log out.)