Monday, June 18, 2012

A Day at the Museum

by Shannon

"Let the wise hear and increase in learning, 
and the one who understands obtain guidance."
– Proverbs 1:5

Cruncher, Orland* and Daddy went to the history museum today. Kids 4 and younger get in free, as do teachers, so they just had to cover parking. Excellent. 

Cruncher's review: "Well, it was kind of boring. Daddy wanted to do boring stuff, and I wanted to do awesome stuff." Well, Ryan isn't here to dispute that accusation, so I'll take Cruncher's word for it.

According to Cruncher, all things pictured here are awesome except for that vase (which
I happen to think looks awesome, but what do I know). "It was kind of weird," he says.
And Cruncher said this was really cool. (Aside: I love his fluffy hair. And maybe I should
buy him that tea set he's picked out on Amazon.)
There just happened to be a small collection of Catholic items from the 16th and 17th 
century, so the museum must have heard Ryan was coming for a visit. The plaque said 
Japanese Christians were forced underground back then, and they had to hide symbols 
like these items. Cruncher says the "Jesus things" were "kind of impressive." Hah!

So, this mama thinks if Cruncher says all things above were impressive, awesome and cool except for a lone vase, then it was a trip well worth $5 parking. Educational and inexpensive — good job, Daddy!

*Cruncher's happy little doll baby that he takes EVERYWHERE, pictured top left of first photo collage.

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  1. Interesting (potentially only to me) note about the icon of Christ crucified above- the Japanese monarchy at the time made these images to test suspected Christians: they would place the icons on the ground, and if the suspect refused to walk on the icons, he/she could be convicted.