Saturday, October 12, 2013

Helllllllloooooooo, Autumn.

by Shannon

Photo dump of a hayride from today. Click on the pics to enlarge.

A little bit of Cruncher, as I know you've been Cruncher-starved for months. (Maybe we'll get back to the blogging game. But probably not.)

Gettin' big, no?

Call me car-razy, but I find crying babies so stinkin' cute. Emphasis on the "stinkin'."

Made some friends.

Hayride, y'all!

Some scenery.

Heaven Hill Distillery, on the ride to the farm

I was told by the tractor driver that I missed an eagle in this spot. Daaaang.

Okay, okay. Ya got me. I think corn is pretty. And I'm a Hoosier. Whatevs. 

Why do I let them use me like this? Like father, like ... you know that diddy.

P.S. Selfies should never be taken from beeeeloooow.... Live and learn.


  1. I'll understand (obviously) if you don't really come back to regular blogging, but I'm so happy to see the update. And my goodness, what kind of a turtle is that?

    1. It's an Eastern box turtle. The red eyes mean it's probably a male. I just learned this recently :)

      Shannon - Nice pics! I felt like a terrible hostess. Hope you all had fun anyway!