Saturday, April 6, 2013

Schoooools Out ... for ... Onemoreday!

by Shannon

If you haven't heard the good news, Cruncher is aaaaaaaall better, just in time for spring break to end and temperatures to warm up. His energy is high, and he's ready for sunshine! To celebrate, we went to the zoo yesterday. It was so, so, so, so, so beautiful outside.

Cruncher and Daddy take in the sights.
If there's a statue, Cruncher must sit on it. 
A small sampling of the animals we visited. I can't brag on our city enough, but Louisville has a fantastic zoo. We're finding ourselves more there now that Cruncher is able to walk without a stroller (read: not beg us to carry him every 50 feet).
Does he look like a boy who was almost sent to the hospital a handful of days ago? Also, please notice his love of mixing patterns — plaid, Spiderman and ... whatever that shirt is. I wonder where he gets his fashion sense...
Cheer up, honey — it's spring! I know it was a rough spring break, but your summer starts in weeks. No complaining.
What I wore.

Crazy coral top: Olive & Oak, TJ Maxx
Chunky striped cardi: Old Navy
Cuffed skinnies: Old Navy
My Happy Boots (Official): Doc Martens. These are some seriously old shoes. Like, 17 years, at least. They're a hand-me-down from my cool cousin Jessie. I adored them as an awkward pre-teen, and she mailed them to me when I was in college. Best. Package. EVER.

I'm pulling through a congestion bout myself,  so we're all looking forward to a weekend without the confines of illnesses. We're super stoked to spend time with family for the next couple days, so check back Sunday for a weekend review and more spring fashion! I'm wearing dresses without tights all weekend, and there are TWO birthday parties in TWO days. Party dress review to come? Why, yes.


  1. Those boots make me happy too, too fun! Can't wait to see your spring dresses :)

  2. We used to live in Louisville. It is a great zoo there! Looks like so much fun.