Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last Weekend in Pictures

by Shannon

Will it ever end? This is all I can muster for my promise to post pictures from last weekend. I've been sick all week, and now Ryan's a mess, but at least Cruncher is bouncing off the walls. I asked God to please take Cruncher's sickness away and make me sick instead, so alleluia!! Right?

Anyway, pictures. None of the birthday boys, since they're not my kids, and I didn't seek permission from their moms. Here's what I got:

Horse farms on the way to Lexington.
Ryan's little sister wrastlin' with mah boy. I'm sure he started it.
A visit to the playground before the ride north.
What I wore to the first birthday party. Deets: Plum ruffle cardi: Ralph Lauren,
Goodwill; Plaid shirtdress: Liz Claiborne, Macys; Fushcia snakeskin belt: Target;
Camel penny loafers: Crowne Vintage, DSW. There are earrings and a necklace,
but you can't see them in the dusk.
The next day. You know you're a hoosier when...
Who knew weeds could be so pretty?
The two preggos. BTW, it's a boy!!
Superfluous. I was obSESSED with water pumps as a kid.
Great Gramma and Meemaw.
The big birthday gift. My brother-in-law put this work bench together from an
old side table and some other bits and pieces. Too cool. BTW, it was my idea,
but I didn't expect it to turn out that nice. Yeah, I said it, Kels. 

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  1. Your dress is so cute! And I love that little workbench!!!