Sunday, December 9, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

by Shannon

I had to get in on the liturgical-color action this week. Actually, wearing purple was completely unintentional. After I was dressed and picking out accessories, I looked in the mirror and thought, "Oh! Perfect." 

What was completely intentional, however, was wearing tights. I. Love. Tights. They're like a security blanket for me. I know a lot of women can't stand to wear hose or tights. I guess it comes from years of ballet lessons. I would change into tights and a leotard after school to wear under my clothes until I got to dance class. It just feels ... familiar. Plus, in case you haven't noticed, my skin is pink. I prefer to cover my legs, if at all possible. I would wear tights year-round if I could. I love dark, textured tights like this pair. This is probably my third pair of cable-knit gray tights. Despite lots of practice with tights, I still get runs in them more than I would like.

I also wore boots again this week, due to the nasty rain. This pair is pretty busted and could use a shining. I'm horrible at walking in heels unless the shoes are securely strapped to my feet, so heeled boots fit the bill. I love how these boots have a mod feel with tights and this skirt.

I remembered detail shots of the accessories this week. I used to have long, hugely curly hair. I gradually started cutting it off last year. I don't think people knew I had ears until I cut off all that hair. Now that my ears are clearly visible, I always wear earrings. I prefer studs to dangles when my hair is short, and I have lots of novelty earrings like these butterflies. No story for the necklace except that it's chunky, and I like it.

I forgot my vintage blazer and brooch, which I took off when I came in the door. 

Paisley top: Target
Wool skirt: Consigned, H&M
Gray tights: Target
Black boots: Sears
Butterfly earrings: Target
Chunky necklace: Target
Watch: Fossil

Please visit the ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple to check out everyone's Sabbath attire!

I forgot my husband this week! This is his "What I Wore Sunday While Watching Football After Mass" part of the post, displaying the sword portion of Sword and Stein. He's totally stoked for The Hobbit this weekend. He is also displaying the Cincinnati Bengals on the front of that sweatshirt, which you can't see. Good thing. I hear (though I try to close my ears to it) that they're 7-7. It's a tight one this year.


  1. I love your entire outfit. I need to get on board with this liturgical purple! LOL.

    1. Purple looks good on everyone. But don't forget — next Sunday is rose! I might have to sit that one out. I don't have many pink items.

  2. I love tights too :-) I feel very sassy and cosmopolitan when I wear them.

    1. Are those pair of tights from this weekend really from your childhood? That blows my mind. I could learn a thing or two from you on how to avoid holes and runs.

  3. I was an epic fail in the liturgical color department this week and I love your purple! And the boots - super cute :)

  4. Perfect winter outfit! I esp. love your skirt and the necklace.

  5. I. Love. Tights. Too!
    However I live in a warm weather state, so I will just have to admire the cool pattern and sigh from afar.