Sunday, February 24, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Transition Outfit

by Shannon

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"Your presence, O Lord, I seek. Hide not your face from me."
– Psalm 27

Cruncher's project from today's CCD class, a "stained glass" Christian fish.

We had guests again this evening, and I needed to run errands for fabulous frittata ingredients before their arrival, so I wore a transition outfit to Mass. That means I was able to easily change my skirt and dress shoes for jeans and boots so I could get back out the door swiftly.

Deets for Mass:
Periwinkle headband: Goody's, Meijer
Cameo earrings: vintage, gift
Fair isle sweater: LL Bean, gift
Miraculous Medal: local Catholic store, gift
Metallic belt: Target
Plum wool skirt: H&M, consignment store
Boring brown tights: Target
Metallic mom flats: Naturalizer, TJ Maxx

Changes/additions for errands:
Amethyst necklace: gift
Skinnies: Old Navy 
Black boots: Target

No closeup on the cheapo $7 boots, because they'll be donated by this time next week. I've ordered two pair of end-of-season boots for next winter, but I'll probably wear them well into spring. I imagine I'll keep my Born boots, for when I want a grungy, slouchy boot, but I'm really looking forward to having boots that can be dressed up.

You will be seeing one of these two on my feet within the week.

Here's our cute little dinner guests. Check back in a few days for more adorableness and details on the fabulous frittata. 

Boo-boo, Bubba and Little Bear.

Last week, I asked readers to give me feedback on veiling if they do so. Conveniently, two other linking-up ladies wrote about veiling in their WIWS posts, so I had a wealth of new information. I loved Kelly's how-to post (which isn't so easy to research online). And Laura's heartfelt post touched on a lot of my own thoughts.

When I talk to friends who have considered veiling, they often say they're afraid people will think they're one of "those people." That issue doesn't hit home with me. I'm happy to be a good example in life, and even during Mass, when I'm being called to it. Because the Vatican no longer has an official statement about the who, when, where, why and how of veiling (correct me if I'm wrong), discerning to veil is truly a decision of the heart. Veiling is extremely personal, and it's up to each and every Catholic woman to decide if it's right for her and why.

My fear is instead this: My veil will look like just another accessory. I tend to dress head-to-toe, most of my skirts don't reach my ankles, I'm full-time employed, and I only have one child, thus I don't appear like a typical veiler from my parish. I don't want people get all judge-y on me, thinking I don't fully understand the veil and am only wearing one because it's, like, soooooo pretty.

This is also why Kelly and Laura's posts were beyond encouraging. I really needed to see examples of women who are both respectful of the Eucharist, emulating Our Lady, while simultaneously caring about their outward appearances. It seems that up to Vatican II, ladies would seriously wear their Sunday's best to Mass, pulling themselves together at least one day a week, and topping it off with a veil. Where did that attitude go?

There are so. Many. Distractions. The crazier this world gets, the more I want to just pull back and focus on Him. I pray that veiling provides me with a sense of reverence and focus on the Eucharist that I feel I am lacking as of late. I simultaneously long to be an example of true devotion and femininity to others, especially my son and husband, while also creating a sort of spiritual cocoon in which to pray and really meditate on the Mass.

I hope to give veiling a try at a Saturday morning Mass during Lent to see if it really is for me, and I'd love any further feedback on the topic. Now, go on ye to Fine Linen and Purple. Blessings!


  1. Your outfits are adorable! LOVE the sweater (I'm a total sucker for fair isle) and shoes.
    I have never veiled, but I think if it's on your heart to do so, go for it! Who cares if people get "judge-y" (would they really though? dat's crazy!). God will be pleased!:)

    1. Ah and whatta ya know! Jen @ Conversion Diary wrote a new post about veiling!
      Happy Monday Morning!:)

    2. Thanks for showing me Jen's post! Something must be in the holy water, since this topic is so hot right now. And I'm so glad to see her link to that cowl-style veil. There's a lady at my church with one, and I think it's so perfectly lovely and practical.

  2. Well, you look adorable as always and you just have the loveliest accessories! I really think that's the best way to pull everything together!

    I'll be interested to see what you end up deciding on veiling! It's such a beautiful inward practice, and one that I did for quite some time but no longer feel called.

    1. Accessories are my kryptonite.

      My aunt is the same way — no longer feeling called to veil. I think when something becomes a habit, you need to try something else. I'm borrowing her veils until I decide if it's for me.

  3. I love your sweater. And those flats are so sweet. I am seriously bordering on coveting those brown boots to the left. Gorgeous.

    I have had a scattered feeling as of late...wanting to do more, yet knowing I am not focusing on Christ enough as it is!

    Quite interesting about the veiling. I do hope you will be able to shut out the judge-y voices you are imagining. You only need to listen to one Voice!

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Jeannine! I'm so stoked for the boots. I wanted something a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n' roll.

      I love what you say about listening to one Voice. That's a fantastic way to put it.

  4. I have a VERY similar medal (though it's OLGuadalupe). So pretty! The new boots are something to get stupid-excited over too!

    As for veiling, I got nothing. I've heard this, I've heard that... all I know is, I personally would not stick to it. I'd probably FREAK every Sunday b/c I'd misplace the dear thing, and then I'd be back at square one. So, is veiling for you? Sure, maybe. Is veiling for me? Ay, probs not.

    1. I basically picked out the medal myself and said, "Ryan. Mother's Day. Thanks."

      I used to be opinionless on veiling. But something about cutting my hair really kicked me in the butt. I don't regret it for one second, but I do feel something lacking when I'm at Mass. Probably just coincidental.

  5. Cute outfit and I love, love your earrings!

    1. Thanks, Erica! Can't go wrong with cameos.

  6. Those boots are both great. Love the sweater, and that plaid heading looks awesome!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I was brainstorming on design inspiration last week when I looked down in my lap and admired the colors of that blanket. So I grabbed my camera and got to work.

  7. That sweater is gorgeous, Shannon, so wintry and cozy! My vote is for the black boots =)

    1. I'm totally excited about both pair, even though my mama says the black look like Perer Pan.

  8. "I don't want people get all judge-y on me, thinking I don't fully understand the veil and am only wearing one because it's, like, soooooo pretty."

    Haters gotta hate.

    On a more serious note: I think Jennifer Fulwiler's point in her post about veiling (cited above) is an excellent one. Do you really want to believe that people could be so petty? For example: I go around all the time feeling like people in my parish are judging me, but I certainly hope to be a better Christian than one who sits around judging other childless couples!

    I realize that I'm very much giving you good advice that I should take myself here, because I suffer terribly from feeling like I don't fit in-- because of my academic career, because I have no kids, because I'm a convert-- but if they do judge, what is it to you? You are working out your own salvation in the way that God wants you-- specifically you!-- to do. Unless there's some undiscussed matter on which they should be giving you fraternal correction (which I doubt), they are not your benchmark. Jesus is.

    (And that, quite frankly, is far more intimidating.)

    That rant may have been the rant that *I* needed to hear rather than you, but, as I said last week, I never don't have an opinion.

    Oh, and I love both your cameo earrings and the redesign! Just to end on a lighter note.

    1. And this is why we're brain twins, Alice. Thank you.

  9. Love that sweater - fair isle is one of my favorites :)

    I'll be interested to hear your perspective on veiling - last week's posts convinced me that it's time to try. My husband's been wanting me to wear a veil for years but I keep refusing because I can't find a veil that's pretty enough, or it'll mess up my hair, or nobody at our parish wears one... All STUPID reasons, and it's something that's really THAT important to my husband but he's been so sweet and non-pestering about it. So I ordered one as a surprise for him and now I'm considering getting one for my daughter too - we shall see how it works when it arrives!

    1. I'm really glad this topic seems to be trending for so many of us Catholic lady bloggers right now. Having the support and examples around will I hope make that first big step easier for all of us new veilers.

  10. Miss Shannon - I love your sweater!! Miss courtney has the same one (or it's close enough to be twinsies) and those cameos are to die for...lovely as always...