Monday, September 10, 2012

A Fair-ly Busy Weekend (Bah-dum-chhh...)

by Shannon

That post title was Ryan's pun. I can't (and won't) take credit for it.

Saturday, we ventured out to our favorite coffee spot, an outdoor flea market, a famers market, a local eatery for lunch and a town fair near Cruncher's new school. Pictures ensue (click pictures to enlarge):

Screwing on his head good and tight. He needs it after two weeks of school.
Silly boy. You can see his loose tooth in all it's glory.
Look at those cheeks! 
Beautiful day.

The ferris wheel ride runs about half a cigarette long. 
I was a nervous wreck...
...and I don't think I was the only one.
I'm getting visions of 10 years from now. Eek.
Cruncher rides The Prayin' Gator. "Lord, let these children walk away from me alive!"

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